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With over fifty years experience in manufacturing Gefran is one of the leaders in the  area of components and systems control. Gefran is a long-term oriented to meet the needs of clients and the continuous investment in research and development.

The Gefran group is based in Italy,employs more than 900 employees and is directly present in 11 countries with 6 production plants. Global coverage is ensured by more than 70 authorized distributors all over the world. Paralaxa is authorized distributor for Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia.

Main business is split into four major areas:

  • Sensors
  • Components for automation
  • System integration
  • Motion control


Product range include a large number of various sensors from which the most wanted sensors temperature, pressure, location and humidity.


The range of products for displaying and regulating process variables includes electronic microprocessor based controllers, indicators and power relays.


Gefran design and develop turnkey solutions and supply machine manufacturers with a vast range of specific components such as central control units, operator interfaces, input/output systems, programmable logic controllers and industrial PCs.


After taking over a leading Italian manufacturer of frequency inverter SIEI, the full product range for all industrial applications is completed. Besides industrial motion control ,SIEI produce a large number of inverters for the elevator industry, in the elevator machine with the gearbox and the elevator machine without gear. Frequency inverters specially designed for elevators include series : ADL100/200, AGL 50, Agy Lift and Avy Lift .

More detailed about the company and the product range you can be informed at their website www.gefran.com.

01.12.2016. - News from Gefran


SENSORMATE has developed along the years a unique technology, based on straing gauges, to design and manufacture strain sensors and load cells.

In particular, SENSORMATE is wellknown around the world thanks to the sensors sets realized to detect the tie bars strain level on machineries as injection moulding machines and die casting machines. The list of references includes all the most important machines manufacturers and global brand big end users.


- Easy intallation and measurement accuracy are the main features of the SENSORMATE sets which include sensors (wireless technolgy available), displays and dedicated software.

- Main benefits by using SENSORMATE sets are the increased quality level of final products and preventive machines maintenance to avoid tie bars breakdown due to internal cracks.



tpfasThe high thickness of TPFAS transducer makes the product very reliable and suitable for heavy industrial application.TPFAS is particularly suitable for pressure measurement where the media is with high viscosity (thick fluids, oils, rubber, pulps, chemical products, etc.) and small size diaphragm is required while internal measuring chamber transducers cannot be used.



The model 650-1250-1350 family is part the new generation of PID temperature controllers.
Main technical characteristics: The model 650 - 1250 controllers are ideal for precise temperature controls, with automatic tuning algorithms to control heating, cooling, and combinations of the two; The LCD alphanumeric display allows generation of user-configurable scrolling alphanumeric messages for very simple operation and clarity of information for users; The controllers develop functions such as timers, setpoint gradients, soft start, total and partial load interrupt alarms, counters of KWh and number of operations of actuators, alarms and diagnostics messages.




1350 front START ritcc.150722Gefran’s PID controller, the 1350, identifies machine errors, suggests corrective measures, and enables customizations based on end-user needs.

It has an energy monitor function that can alert the user of a possible breakdown and helps prevent unexpected system shutdowns by giving operators ample time to schedule maintenance in advance. Its settings, alarms, and messages are displayed on the largest screen in the market, which lowers safety risks and increases time and labor savings.


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