Microsistemi Industriale Srl.

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For more than 20 years Microsistemi has been engaged in producing electronic and optoelectronic devices for lifts, good-lifts, automatic doors, moving staircases, anti-theft inner doors, controlled accesses and controlled passages.


Their activity is characterized by great attention to the client and to its problems, by continuous commitment and investments that have brought to specialized products, tested constructive quality and high operating reliability.

These are some of the points of strength that recognize a number of loyal customers. MICROSISTEMI - the Italian company which is guarantee of quality and "made in Italy" reliability thanks to more than 500.000 components installed in plants all over the world.

Microsistemi produces a wide range of articles:
- photocells (one, two, four and six beams)
- stand-alone photocells with transistor output
- light curtains for elevators
- special photocells
- light curtains for industrial use
- lift alarms
- lift arrival gongs
- emergency power supplies
- led lights for both permanent and emergency lighting
For further details about the company and their product range see their website www.microsistemi.biz

Contact Us

E-mail: office@paralaxa.co.rs
Telephone: +381 11 3863040, 3863763
Address: Braće Kovač 66/A/2
11050 Belgrade, Serbia