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mr13mr14The Sicor Group is one of the largest European industrial concerns in its sector.In over twenty years of business, the group has broadened its mission to encompass all forms of vertical transport for persons and goods.

Sicor S.p.A. obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Certification in 1994 .Designing and manufacturing safety components, concept of quality is broadened to every possible detail of the product and of the industrial processes,striving for constantly upgrading our products and make them capable of satisfying the most demanding Customers.

sg-30-145asg-40-180aSicor elevator traction machines have earned a worldwide reputation for their quality, reliability, technical innovation, sturdiness and superior design. Sicor machines meet the requirements of the following standards: 95/16/CE- EN 292/1/2 - EN 294 - EN 12015:1999 - EN 12016:1999 - EN 60204-1 - EN 81-1 :1998.

Sicor produce elevator machines: gearbox i gearless.

Gearbox models are:MR7,MR8MR10,MR 12,MR 13,MR 14,MR 16,MR17,MR 21,MR 26,MR35.

Gearless models are:SG-10-180A,SG-40-180A.

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Telephone: +381 11 3863040, 3863763
Address: Braće Kovač 66/II/2 11050 Belgrade, Serbia