Montanari Giulio & C

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Since its establishment in 1970, the company’s growth has been stable and the significant investment in the creation of innovative products and in optimizing the enterprise technology has made Montanari Giulio & C a cutting edge company, with a well-recognized image but evolving, whose quality, service and reliability are recognized and appreciated in more than 80 countries. Nowadays, thanks to more than 40 years of serious, tenacious and passionate commitment, looking for the best quality products and the most efficient service, Montanari Giulio & C is a leading global manufacturer of gears, gearless and components for lifts. Paralaxa is distributor of the Italian company Montanari Giulio & C srl from Modena.

Montanari Giulio & C except gearbox and gearless machines, manufactures the following components that we have in offer from start of cooperation from 2014. year:

  • speed governor up-down direction; with or without remote reset
  • speed governor with A3; with electric reset
  • tensione device D300 with weight and contact
  • complete rope attachments for ropes from 6mm to 14mm
  • power and auxiliary pulleys

More information about the company and the production program can be found on their

Contact Us

Telephone: +381 11 3863040, 3863763
Address: Braće Kovač 66/A/2
11050 Belgrade, Serbia